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STL Brevets
Resuming in 2024, STL Randonneurs will resume the long tradition of endurance cycling in the St Louis region. We intend to offer populaires in the spring ramping up to 200km and 300km brevets in the summer.

For all Upcoming events, brevets, populaires and other local RUSA rides visit.

Local Routes
We are aiming to offer some 100km populaires to kick off in the spring with at least one 200km and 300km ride later towards the fall.

Who we are

Sanctioned by Randonneurs USA for the St Louis Metro area. We will offer varying rides between 100km populaires and 300km brevets in 2024. All riders must be current RUSA members in good standing. Our courses, and permanent routes will offer all abilities the opportunity to explore the local region by bicycle with


How to contact us

  • Tel: 314-229-4453
  • Email:
  • See us out on one of our rides.
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