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April 9th 2024

Eclipse ride was a success, in the fact that the ride was completed, the moon crossing the sun was observed and 200km was ridden. I will never again ride my bike however during a mass migration event of this magnitude ever again. Traffic was chocka-block and that made it somewhat awful. the quiet country farm roads were a veritable racetrack. Also, I was very envious of the families who had taken their kids out of school for the day and honestly wished I had done the same to experience it with my loved ones. The eclipse was magnificent. I ended up in Murphysboro and almost 4 minutes of totality was on show. Absolutely fantastic.

February 20th 2024

New 100km Permanent route approved by the Perm program.
Starting at the QT in Weldon Spring and O'Fallon road the route is hillier than I expected with my Garmin clocking it at 3,780ft in up and down. The ride takes you north past Lake St Louis up through Wentzville and into the farm roads of Lincoln County to Old Monroe and Moscow Mills before dropping you out southward through O'Fallon and finally onto Hwy K (my advice is use the designated bike path on east side of road)
Anyhow, do a search for
Perm route #4993

A few people have already signed up for the Wreckless 100km on May 18th which is fantastic. Should be a great way to introduce new folks to the world of rando.

Also we introduced a small (so far)
facebook group to keep upto date on what's going on.

January 24th 2024

Having had some of the submitted routes reviewed and approved, we're excited to announce our first event.
Starting in Columbia Missouri via Waterloo and Prairie du Rocher the 100km route will lopp back to start. The 200km route will peel off at Prairie du Rocher for an out and back to Steeleville before heading back to Columbia.
The events can be found on our schedule page
As always, in order to ride any STL Randonneur event, membership with RUSA is required. Make sure your 2024 membership has been renewed!

January 11th 2024

Happy New Year!
Still waiting on approvals for routes, and itching to start putting events on the board.
Been chatting to a group out of Chicago whom are very interested in piecing together a ride for the eclipse on April 8th. Watch this space!!

December 10th 2023

Submitted 5 rides to the routes review team at RUSA. Many thanks to Greg who gave me the lowdown on what they're looking for.

1 populaire out of St Peters area was designed out to Portage des Sioux and back. With only a single photo control, I feel this is the perfect route for someone new to the discipline to get their feet wet so to speak. I will be looking to expand this to run a 200km at the same time. The start/finish is Legacy Park in Cottleville.

The Arch-MCT populaire was submitted, I feel it necessary to have at least one route starting and finishing at the Arch on the books at least.

A 100km and 200km route out of Columbia IL was designed to take advantage of the flatter floodplain south of Columbia to Prairie du Rocher. The 100km is a simple enough loop intially going through Waterloo to PdR then returning on Bluff Rd back to Columbia. I did some pretty good route reconnaisance on this loop in the JCS Ride for Heros century in 2022. (it was my first every century ride, so holds a special place in my heart)

The 200km spurs off at PdR to Steelville in a simple 50km each way out and back. I had to insert a photo control at Fort De Chartres in order to maintain a 200km distance.

2 weeks ago I had it in mind that the area would be great for first time STL randonneurs to so went out again to scout the roads, However trying to stay off the gravel.

The big route was the 400km route. I used the cue sheet given to me by Dennis Smith, the previous RBA. I feel it is important to use as many routes as possible to the people before me. They're tried and true and this promises to be an epic days ride. It starts by Madison County Sheriff office in Edwardsville in somewhat of a figure 8 loop through Pocahontas, Okawville, Pinckneyville, Ava and Sparta.

December 3rd 2023

Welcome to STL Randonneurs, Our intention is to revive the STL Brevets / Randonneuring scene for 2024. The plan is to have at least one 100km populaire in early spring as a soft opening and follow this with 200 and 300km rides towards the summer. Many thanks to previous RBA Dennis Smith for releasing as much information, knowledge and time to ensure as seemless transition as possible.

As we ramp up towards 2024, No doubt we'll be needing volunteers and riders who have extensive knowledge of the previous STL Brevet scene. Please email for any questions or information to pass along.


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